Friday, December 23, 2011


Chris Mazzone was the life of the party that night. That was typical. His date, however, was not.

His date was a girl from New London Chris was "seeing." They had been "seeing" one another for some time. The girl he brought over had shared some really important memories with him.

Memory No. 1: "National Treasure" starring Nicholas Cage, in theaters, ladies and gentlemen.

Memory No. 2: Chris bought her a very nice gift that Christmas. She, in turn, bought him a wrench. What made it great was it wasn't even a Craftsman specialty item or anything like that. It was not a gag gift either. It was a wrench, the kind that got people killed in a game of Clue.

Thus set the stage for what is now everyone's favorite Memory: The Big No. 3.

Chris brought the girl over for a game night at John's house. Chris brought the party with him. By that I mean he embodied the fun and the laughter we had all come to associate with our group's get-togethers.

His date did not. She seemed pretty ambivalent about the whole evening. She probably would not have chosen to come again had she been given a chance.

But Chris was feeling pretty good that evening. Chris was feeling so good he got pretty hungry. Chris got so hungry he decided to excuse himself to "go to the bathroom."

We were on one end of John's house in the "loft." The bathroom was down one floor and on the other end by the living room. The kitchen was in between, and gamers had to cross it twice.

That was all it took for Chris to decide tonight would be a good time to make himself at home. How does one make themselves at home? They make themselves a sandwich.

Chris returned to the loft with a sandwich. He had gone through the fridge and found the choice cold cuts and cheese he wanted. Perhaps he found a little mustard or mayo, too.

We know for a fact he found a paper plate somewhere where no one would look for it. John saw the "Happy Graduation" plate Chris presented his sandwich on and swore they had not been used in years.

How deep did Chris dig in someone else's kitchen? He must have looked in the highest cabinets located over the refrigerator where people of an average height could not have reached.

Chris was hungry. It's a good thing for him he was tall enough to get a very special plate and truly make himself at home.

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