Saturday, December 24, 2011


Emily Ayer is a very patient, giving person.

She always makes enough peanut butter balls to go around. This means that no matter the occasion I usually get at least three. If I were around her more often I would probably gain too much weight.

The real test of her patience though was having Mike Esposito and I sit on opposite sides of her in World History. Mike and I could be obnoxious, to put it lightly.

And obnoxious we were. We could quote movies all day without an end to it in sight. We would distract everyone around us by dropping lines from Eric Clapton songs. It benefitted no one, and it thrilled us. It was obnoxious.

Still, there is nothing more obnoxious than picking someone up by the legs of their small, standard-issue metal school chair and holding them aloft. That's what we did to Emily, and it was obnoxious.

We did it as often as possible until one day Emily asked us to please just stop. She didn't swear when she asked. Emily never swore. This impressed me. I would have sworn everyday if I sat next to Mike and myself.

Mike and I were obnoxious at times, and Emily was not. She had been practicing poise and grace for a long time.

It is tragic that both types of people get to leave World History with the same letter grade.

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